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With deepest sorrow, I have come to know that the British Government wants to pass a law which would allow the unification of a human genotype with an “egg cell without stone” of an animal in order to open the way for medical experiments. I am sure most of you believe that this step would constitute great progress for humanity and could be of valuable help in the future for people who suffer from serious illnesses.
I do not want to repeat the same arguments which have already been presented in the extensive public discussion on this subject that took place before Wednesday, October 22, 2008, but rather invite you to seriously reflect on the following, very important points:

Act of discrimination:

You are very well aware of the fact that, by passing this law, you will open the way for the production of a “chimera-embryo” (hybrid-embryo). All information of a human genotype is human, and therefore it is only foreseen that a new creation - if it will come into existence - will be a human being.
This is very easy to understand for everyone.
To implant a human genotype into the egg cell of an animal means to “produce” a new creation out of the human kind. Please be aware that this is a deep act of discrimination against our human nature.
There is never any right to do so!

Act against the dignity of a human being:

Each human being has not only the right to live, but also the right to be a human being, a human person. With this planned legislation, you will destroy the right of a human being to live according to his human nature and personality.
There is no right to do so!

Act against God's creation:

With this law you intervene in Gods creation. One of the deepest points of wisdom of our Jewish-Christian tradition is that we are created in the image of God. Our human worth and dignity is infinite, because God Himself is uniting with us in Jesus Christ!
But what kind of unification is the one that you are planning, and who gives you the right for such a creation?
Who gives you the right to intervene in the eternal plans of God and to destroy the image of God?
There is no right to do so!

Act against all nations:

Because of its fundamental meaning, such an act and the consequences resulting thereof will not be limited to your own country. If it is a genotype of an Englishman who is united with an egg cell of an animal or from another country is equal. It will have an impact on all humanity. This legally produced “chimera” (Hybrid) will be like a “menetekel” (omen) for all nations to realize how far we have come from understanding the gift of life.
Besides this, who can be sure of what will happen later? Maybe one will need more “creations” for dirty and hard work in the future! There will be scientists, who are ready to see and experiment what one can do further with these Hybrids or other “creations”. Such a law, nobody could have ever imagined in former times!
There is no right to do so!

Dear Members of British Parliament: If you seriously reflect on those issues, you will become aware that you have now arrived at a “dead end”.In Germany, we would call it “Endstation” - and if this terrible development is continuing, it will inevitably lead to the point of “No return”.

Dear Members of British Parliament : You have no right to bring your beloved country and humanity to this point. The passage of this proposed law in a civilized society would be an act of injustice and blasphemy.

Dear Members of British Parliament who have supported this law, and dear Members in the House of Lords, who are in danger to do the same: You have to stop this law at once and never permit it to come into existence. Now you still have the chance to avoid this step on a way of “No return”.

You must know that you - without knowing, as I suppose - would open the way for terrible consequences for your country. If you do not stop proceeding in this way, God will permit that this destructive way with its consequences will turn against you and your own country. You are in great danger to cooperate with the Spirit of the Antichrist (preparing the way of a new kind of dictatorship over all humanity in rebellion against God), fighting against God and humanity.

Therefore, I appeal to you in all Love : Stop this way at once in the Name of God, Humanity and "Balta Lelija". You never have any right to create such a law - not before God, not before humanity, not before your beloved country.
I will pray, together with other faithful people, that you will have the courage and the humility to stop this law in time.

May God have Mercy on you and protect England!


P.S.: This letter will also be sent by regular mail, including two music-CD's for both Houses of British Parliament!

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