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The new British law: "The human fertilization and Embryology Act" has already been formally confirmed by Queen Elizabeth and shall go into effect in the upcoming year 2009. It is the law, that, in the spirit of "Balta Lelija", we consider as an irregular act against God and humanity itself, to which the British government has no right whatsoever. It remains to be checked, if a complaint against the British government can be made, based on International law. The complaint would have to state: "Blasphemy and crime against humanity", but one has to be afraid that no earthly jurisdiction will want to deal with this situation.
May God give, that, in the meantime, until this law will be realized, more and more people will speak out against this law in the Name of God and humanity. Hopefully there are still ways to prevent or delay the execution of this project to turn evil from England and other countries.

At the same time, a look at the USA.

There, President Obama is determined and already in the process to set the tracks for the "War against the Unborn". He has not only named a supporter of abortion as head of his cabinet, but also, with the invitation of Hillary Clinton to serve as Minister of the Exterior, called his "female shadow" regarding the protection of unborn children.

In the upcoming year 2009, we can expect the war, which, in depth is aimed against God and humanity, and bears clear signs of the Antichrist, to become more radical and dynamic. Therefore it is even more important that the faithful deepen their relationship to God, and that all those who recognize the expansion of this "culture of death" turn to God for His protection and guidance to put up spiritual resistance.

At the end, some good news:

Mr. Tabare Vazquez, President of Uruguay, has put in his veto against making abortion legal until the 12th week. May God protect this courageous man and strengthen him in his attitude!

Elija from Congo

2008 | 7th Nov.2008 - Darkness on the increase

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