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A first glance at the Manhattan Declaration

The Manhatten Declaration

The Manhatten Declaration is addressed to all Christians, believers and people of good will. It can be considered a prophetic piece of writing, drawn up by leaders of spiritual communities in the US. It is encouraging that it was written by Christians of different churches and congregations who joined together in making this important step without being held up by their diverse theological positions. In doing so they have obviously understood the "signs of the time" and listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

What is it about?

There is a worldwide attack against the basic foundations of human society, which in the Manhatten Declaration are described as consisting mainly of three areas:

1. the dignity and protection of human life

2. the sanctity of marriage and family

3. religious freedom

1. Quite unmistakably the Manhatten Declaration is grieving a development in the US, that led to an end of legal protection for the unborn in 1973 as well as the fact, that many politicians have been supporting a "culture of death" ever since. A present sign for it is the propelling of embryo-destructive research, for which taxpayer-money is used. The life of older and deseased people is increasingly being threatened by movements propagating voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. Respect for human dignity has diminished and the present American government is seen to further developments which are hostile to life.

2. The God-given dignity of marriage and familiy is supposed to be granted to other forms of living together, which are immoral from a Christian point of view, as for example polygamy and homosexuality. Without judging people who practise and support such erring forms, the Declaration clearly votes for marriage and its renewal in a Christian spirit, since it is a common good furthering a sound social development.

3. Referring to the US but looking at Europe as well, there is much regret that Christians are under increasing pressure to tolerate immoral practises or even participate in them. This is the case when Christian institutions are compelled to procure children to be adopted by homosexual couples, carry out abortions in Christian hospitals (thereby integrating Christian personnel) or bless couples of the same sex!

The originally 145 undersigned of the Declaration clearly state that they are not willing under any circumstances to give up their Christian conviction - to the extent of refusing civil obedience!

Notes from Balta Lelija:

This declaration, carefully prepared over a longer span of time, was overdue. It is high time not only for rampant disastrous developments to be named but also for resistance to be openly articulated. Without question Christians and other believers have been suffering for a long time by the spreading of a culture of death. A lot of prayers, sighs and sacrifices have probably been rising up to God!

We have now entered a phase in the history of salvation that makes open resistance necessary. It is encouraging that in the US this resistance has been articulated in a way clearly to be heard, for the present goverment is an exponent of this culture of death on a global scale! Jet similar initiatives are more than necessary in Europe and other countries, too, for EU tendencies in these questions differ from those of the American government only by degrees!

From the viewpoint of Balta Lelija (resistance against anti Christian developments) the Manhatten Declaration can only be welcomed and supported. We have gladly observed that within a short time many people in the U.S. have joined the Declaration. Americans are known for a persistent engagement concerning their convictions. May they keep their courage when the anti-Christian powers, that are propagating a culture of death will increasingly use all their material wealth and political potential against believers. May, especially then, the brave confessors in the U.S. join with the Lord, before whom they have made their good confession.

Balta Lelija is going to observe very attentively what is happening.

The Manhatten Declaration is like a purifying light that will separate the spirits - also within Christianity! May the Holy Spirit continually inspire Christians and believers not to bow down to an Anti-Christian power but to trust God and take on the confrontation even if their army be small and the adversary in a superior position.

Not only the church on earth is part of the army but also the one in heaven and we know beyond any doubt whose side it will be taking.

Elija from India, 2nd Dec. 2009

In preparation: the translation of the Manhattan Document in the German page, further thoughts about the Manhattan Declaration.

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