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To Buckingham ….

Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth,

Thank you for your kind answer, dated November 28, 2008, in response to our letter, dated November 4th, 2008, concerning the Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill.

We know that the Queen is a constitutional Sovereign.

But as far as we know, she would have had the right to refuse her signature. And that was the point we were asking of you, like the duke of Luxembourg did concerning Euthanasia and the King of Belgium some time ago, when he withheld his signature for abortion-rights.

The answer from the English Government was a justification of this disastrous law.

We had been hoping that the Queen might be able to recognize this wrong way and take over responsibility in such a situation, which might have been her most important act as Sovereign for her beloved country.

In the meantime we have come to know that almost 280 human-cow hybrid embryos have been created at Newcastle University. The English Government will offer this blasphemy and menetekel as a progress for humanity!

It makes me (us) very sad to see how blindly England is running into the leading position of one of the biggest promoters of a “culture of death” with the implementation of this law, and we have to face that this “culture of death” will win strong dynamic after January 20th through the Barack Obama administration concerning the protection of unborn children and dignity of human life.

Dear Queen of England and Members of Parliament!

It is high time for worldwide spiritual resistance against this growing “culture of death”! You should know that this resistance is not directed against persons, but against those fundamental errors, which are severe offences against God and threatening humanity. It will specifically address itself against the spiritual forces of destruction, which are deceiving humanity – including the English Government in questions such as these!

May God help England find the right way!

Sincerely, and in Love for your country,


in service for BALTA LELIJA


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