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Effective immediately, President Barack Obama has released American tax dollars for embryonic stem cell research, thereby reversing a contrary decision made by former President Bush in 2001. Unfortunately, the US President is continuing with his fateful abortion politics. Great injustice is done by this new decree on several levels.

1.) It remains a fact and needs to be stated that a human being is formed in the fusion of sperm and egg cell. Embryos are always human beings, even in the first days of their existence, who are growing and developing. Therefore, it is a moral disaster to dispose over human beings, as it is being done in the case of embryonic research. The production of embryonic stem cells causes the death of the embryo! It is therefore a conscious act of killing.

2.) American tax dollars, by misusing them for this purpose, are now being indirectly integrated into this act of killing! Previously, financial support for embryonic stem cell research in the US came mainly from the private sector or some States (e.g. California) supported it.

3.) The reasoning that research should not be hindered in finding cures for incurable diseases is misleading and deceptive! The same could be effected through the production of so called "adulter stem cells", and this would be ethically harmless.

4.) The US President said in a statement that he has made this decision as a believing Christian, because he desires to alleviate human suffering!

The whole process attests to a high degree of blindness!

It goes without saying that the Christian faith cannot permit the killing of innocent human beings (it is known that President Obama attends Protestant services)!

Even though the American tax payer is not at fault, if his dollars are being misused by the US government, there still remains the question, how those Americans, who see through this blindness, shall act in the future.

If the US President continues on this way of death and injustice, bold resistance and contentions will spring up in the United States. The sword of Damocles seems to hover already above the physicians and nursing staff, for one has to be afraid that they will be forced to cooperate in abortions (FOCA-law).

Spiritual and civil resistance is needed! As the US, being a super power, influences large parts of the world, resistance cannot remain limited to the US.

The antichristian direction of this politics, and the working of the "father of lies" is clearly visible. President Obama may err subjectively and truly believe that it is correct to put the right of the woman above the right of the unborn child, and hope to achieve successful healings through embryonic stem cell research. Nevertheless is such politics directed against God, the Father of all human beings and their Creator, as well as against humankind. Thus the intention of the antichristian spirit may be recognized.

Balta Lelija joins in the expected protest of the American people and shares in their grief about the unborn and the increasing affliction of believers.

Besides prayer for the US government, that the Lord may dissolve this fateful blindness, it is necessary to consciously strengthen the spiritual and civil resistance worldwide.

God will not be silent!



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