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...for a lot of Americans who are on their way to be born!
Open Letter to the President - elect of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama

Mr. Obama, now you are the elected President of the United States of America, and very soon you will rule this country, which is today the most influential country of the modern world.

What an immense responsibility and honor! So many people‘s eyes are looking at you, hoping that you will make come true what has been promised in the election campaign. Most people hope for a change, a change for a better world, where there is more love, truth and justice. Of course, this world cannot be created by a President with his administration, but as leader of the most powerful nation in the world, you can do a lot, if you choose the right direction!

Will you try to make our world more safe, will you give your support to poor people, will you show more respect for the ecological dimension of this world, will you try to work for more justice and cooperation with nations? I am sure that you will try to be a good President for your people, and I wish you with all my heart that you will be able to do your part for a real change!

But, Mr. Obama, I will share with you openly, why I cannot believe in a real change for the better! It is because I cannot see justice for a lot of Americans, who are on the way to be born! All we hear and read about your plans concerning this fundamental issue is frightening. Mr. President, you are familiar with Holy Scripture. You know about the basic commandment of God: You shall not kill! Also, you will know that Jesus said we should take special care of the little ones!

Freedom and liberty and true emancipation of women cannot include a right to kill innocent children. You still have the death-penalty in your country. This ultimate punishment is only given to human beings, who committed terrible crimes, but what crime did an unborn child commit? Can a child be punished to death because his parents do not want it?

You have the grace to live, because your mother said yes to you, and from the very beginning, you were a human being, an unborn child like the other ones! If you seriously want to know the truth, you will easily learn that unborn children are human beings, living persons, from the moment of conception.

As President, you will stand in responsibility before God and all Americans, whom He created: the Born and the Unborn! And like the ones, who are born, have a right to laws, defending their lives, so do the Unborn. No mother or father has the right to kill their born child – neither their unborn child!

I would so much like to support you in all your efforts to effect positive change, at least with my prayers and intellectual support, but the direction you want to take in the abortion issue (in the end, it might seem like a mission to bring this to other countries!) cannot be supported. Installing abortion as a right will have many terrible consequences for unborn children and for all!

If you do not protect the life of innocent children, there can never be real peace in this world, neither can real change take place. Your government will fall into the trap of misusing power against the weakest of society, and, in this principal issue, you will put yourself in contradiction to God and to humanity. I have always admired the courage of President Bush, who, following his consciousness and faith, fought for the unborn children, but there were of course other very serious parts of his politics one could not support...

Maybe you will do things better for born children, but the Unborn will be without any protection. And, Mr. President, they do also belong to your nation and to humanity.

Mr. Barack Obama, future President of the United States, protect your unborn children as well as the born ones! Do not create laws of immorality! Do not put pressure on people, who will not be ready to follow laws against God‘s commandments. If you show respect for this and work for a „culture of Love“, you will be a man of God‘s grace and a blessing for America and the world.
But if you are supporting a „culture of death“ though, you will be not able to be an instrument of real peace and real justice, but an instrument of forces of destruction, fighting against the honor of God and against humanity.

May God help you turn away from this direction of doom, which lies in the support of abortion and all developments connected with this blindness! Do not bring even more death to the unborn children and so much suffering to the born Americans! Please make a first serious step and do not subscribe the FOCA-Law, if it comes on your table!

May God give you the light and courage to decide for the way of life and against a way of death!

America, which I love, will face very serious times, if this sin of abortion and other immoralities will be supported by the government!

This I write to you with a loving heart in the name of God, our tender Father.

Vilnius, Lietuva, 18 of January 2009

"Worship the Lord ...-25th January 2009

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