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Unfortunately, the concerns of Christian observers in connection with Barack Obama taking the office of President of the United States have clearly proved true.

Politics on wrong ways

Newly amended web sites of the White House in Washington appeared a few minutes after Barack Obama's assumption of office, and an "ethnical change" was announced. So far, this consists mainly in facilitating and supporting the access to abortion, and reinforcing the rights of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transvestites to make them equal to those of marriage. So called "preachers of hate" shall be persecuted more vigorously because of racial and other prejudices, and the American President expressly wants to include the above mentioned group of persons in these minorities.

Financial means, previously blocked by President Bush, so that no institutions, which propagate abortion, would receive tax dollars, were released on the third day of the new administration, and a "liberal handling" of embryonic stem cells has already been initiated by the new American President!

This did not come as a surprise! At most, the circumstance, how quickly the new American government is acting in these first days, giving highest priority to these issues of its politics, could cause astonishment! Why so hastily, Mr. President?

Are we not experiencing an increasingly targeted major attack on life and on our Christian values - not only in the United States? Will the United States and the EU unite in these fundamental questions of life and carry their ideologies into the world as well? Will the development funds in the future be withdrawn from nations, which do not want to follow an American-European politics of abortion? Shall we, starting with the politicians, educators, children in kinder garden and at school, be brought under subjection of a "social process of transformation", wanting to convince us that the "gender ideology" and other issues of this "new way" is a blessing for a future liberal society?
Will everyone, who does not give his consent to put homosexuality on the same level as the family, be considered a "preacher of hate" in the future, because he does not recognize the rights of minorities?
Are these the constitutive elements of "change" Barack Obama was talking about?

Unfortunately, it does not only look like that, but this way has already been taken, even though - thanks be to God - it has not "transformed" society yet!

True transformation

With joy, we Christians let ourselves be "transformed" by the Holy Spirit, to become more capable of loving, so that the Face of Jesus becomes more visible in our life, but we do not let ourselves be transformed by an ideology with noticeable antichristian characteristics. No one can force us to reinterpret the Commandments of God to the effect that the killing of an innocent child in the mother's womb becomes a right! No one can force us to change the meaning of the basic order and position God gave to the family by consenting to equal rights of other forms of life, which Holy Scripture considers as clear offenses against God!

We shall call out to all "Barack Obamas" and politicians everywhere in this world, who are conducting and supporting such disastrous politics:

"We do not know, why you conduct such politics and do not recognize that it leads to doom. As human beings we love and respect you and will not throw "stones" at you, but your politics we will resist with all spiritual and suitable peaceful means, for there will be no true peace and future for mankind, if we do not honor the Commandments of God and do not live in unity with Him, Who created and redeemed us."

Lessons from history

In the last century, humanity had to suffer from those cruel antichristian ideologies, which deceived men in the form of ungodly Communism and fanatical National Socialism. How many are still suffering from this today! What devastation has Communism left in souls, and with what satanical bestiality has National Socialism attacked the Jews!

Now the antichristian power is trying to seize men under the cover of seeming political freedom! Let us not forget that the previous antichristian ideologies first went after the faithful!

We should learn from history and be vigilant concerning those noticeable beginnings that have already spread over the nations. May especially the nations of Eastern Europe recognize that the "old enemy", who imprisoned and brutalized them for decades, is newly appearing as "wolf in sheep's clothing". This time, he comes with the lure of seemingly endless freedom and a comfortable life, desiring to lead us into the same godlessness as Communism tried to by force!

Spiritual resistance

That is why we need to enter promptly into a conscious spiritual resistance and not permit to be intimidated. As of yet, one cannot speak of an open persecution of Christians in countries that are mainly Christian - but let us not deceive ourselves - the snares are already being laid to create laws that will push us towards the edge, if we do not follow them! Everything will be possible except the binding public confession of God and His Commandments!

May our Church be wide awake in the faithful and shepherds. May all Christians unite in Christ to counteract these dangers together. The antichristian spirit will fight against all those, who hold fast onto God and the testimony of Jesus and will try to spread his dominion over the whole world. Unfortunately, he will find eager helpers. Should such an "Antichrist" like Stalin or Hitler appear again, he must not find us unprepared. He will be overcome as well, for God does not abandon humanity!

for Balta Lelija (White Lily)

Ecuador, January 30, 2009

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