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...your God, and serve Him only!"
"Perpetual Adoration" for America started on January 23, 2009, around 21:30, at "Tierra de la Paz" in the Chapel of the Community Agnus Dei in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. This was preceded by my question to God, what else we could do in view of the threatening antichristian developments. Quickly it became known that the new government of the US had announced a trend reversal in ethnical questions. A few minutes after Barack Obama had been sworn in as President of the United States, the web pages of the White House were corrected in the direction that the right to abortion should be supported and the rights of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transvestites should be reinforced and made equal to those of families. The new President affirmed this again verbally the next day.

The antichristian basic direction is evident. One does not even stop short of the commandment "You shall not kill" nor of making forms of life, which are immoral according to biblical understanding, equal in rights to the family, the primordial cell of human community.

What, therefore, is to be done, if politics dare to ignore the commandments of God?

The answer from God came full of Wisdom and Love.

"Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only!"

It is the answer Jesus gave in the desert, when the devil tempted Him by offering Him all the kingdoms of this world (Matthew 4.8-10).

Jesus rejected this temptation for all humanity.

With the Perpetual Adoration of God in Ecuador for the American continent, we reject the temptation of the antichristian powers to make men judges over life and death and over the commandments of God and prepare them for the adoration of a coming Antichrist.

This is how we say it, proclaim and execute: "You shall worship God alone and serve Him!"

This global answer God has now given through the Community in Ecuador.

May He be blessed for this in eternity!

Elija, Tierra de la Paz, Ecuador

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