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Document of Foundation
Saint Joan of Arc
The Antichrist
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Balta Lelija
Initiative for mental and spiritual resistance against the "spirit of the Antichrist".


Initial remarks
The Antichrist
Antichristian tendencies
Some antichristian tendencies today
Existing Resistance
Balta Lelija
Several prospects
First concrete steps
Last remarks
Responsible for this document

Initial remarks

For quite some time I have been carrying the impulse for such an initiative in my heart, and now I begin to introduce it, trusting in God's guidance and support.

On May 30th, 2008, this text is being offered as a document of foundation in Jerusalem, at the sites of the Holy Cross and the Holy Sepulchre of Jesus, in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the site of "Mater Misericordia", in Domremy, France, in the Baptizing Church of Saint Joan of Arc, in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador, in the chapel of the Community Agnus Dei, in Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Germany, in the crypt and the Chapel of all peoples of the Community Agnus Dei, and, with a time difference, in Mbyji Mayi, Congo, also by members of the Community Agnus Dei. Thereby the initiative receives international character from the very beginning and is carried symbolically into the whole world. The initiative is Christian in its origin, but open to all people who feel close to God or follow their vigilant conscience.

Balta Lelija: The name derives from the Lithuanian language,
in English: White Lily.

Religious meaning: Our Blessed Mother is frequently called by this name in connection with the virtue of purity: "Dangaus Lelija" = "Heavenly Lily".
There is a conscious reference to Saint Joan of Arc, the "Lily of France", Patron Saint of "Balta Lelija".

Political meaning: The name reminds on a German resistance movement in the "Third Reich", which was called "Weisse Rose".
(On February 22nd, 1943, brother and sister Scholl together with Christoph Probst were beheaded, after it was discovered that they had been distributing Anti-Nazi flyers at the University of Munich).


The Antichrist

The "Antichrist" is named in the New Testament.

According to biblical testimony, the coming of an "Antichrist", the "man of adversity against the law", the "son of destruction", will precede the return of Christ (John 2.18). He exalts himself above all that is of God or holy, pretending himself to be God, but acting in the power of Satan until he will be overcome at the end of times by the coming Christ (2 Thess 2.3-12).

According to the testimony of Holy Scripture and the major part of Christian tradition, the coming of the Antichrist will be the appearance of a man, who is equipped with occult skills and deceives people by using ungodly forces. It is believed that he will rise to political power for a certain period of time. Many suggest that the Antichrist will establish a "false peace", pretending to bring prosperity to all people, but later revealing his true face, when no one follows him.

The scripture passage mentioned above (2 Thess 2.3-12) talks about a "secret power of adversity against the law". In this text, we call this "power of adversity against the law" "antichristian tendency" or the "spirit of the Antichrist", preparing the way for the dominion of an antichristian figure. It is not known at this time, if the coming of the Antichrist refers to that specifically announced Antichrist or to one of his forerunners, but it is important to identify this spirit and resist him with appropriate means. This is one of the essential tasks of "Balta Lelija".


Antichristian tendencies

All those ideas, attitudes and forms of behavior that stand in opposition to God and His commandments are generally being addressed as antichristian tendencies. Therefore it is not only Christians that are actively oppressed by this spirit, but all believers, who foster a conscious relationship with God and listen to Him, as well as people, who feel obliged to their vigilant conscience. As antichristian tendencies are directed against God and human beings, all humans are affected by them, if they are aware of it or not. In the last century, we find more than one example of antichristian leadership and antichristian figures. The worst forms were observed in the Third Reich with its demonic hatred against the Jews as well as in Communism with its contempt for human beings. There is no doubt that Hitler and Stalin can be considered antichristian figures.

Antichristian tendencies affect the Christian faith directly, if, for example, truths are denied, weakened or darkened within the Church, moral positions are softened, and people in the Church conform more and more to the "spirit of this world".


Some antichristian tendencies today

It cannot be overlooked that the antichristian influence is on the rise in the United States and Europe - and thereby in other states as well. This is especially frightening in Europe, which is losing more and more its Christian identity and contributes essentially to the spreading of a "civilization of death". With a few exceptions, no political force can be identified worldwide, which successfully opposes this development. Taking a look at the spreading of antichristian forms of behavior, one must focus especially on the worldwide practice of abortion. It is truly unbelievable that the killing of innocent human beings in the mother's womb is being practiced and accepted more and more. Even states like Israel, which have suffered the killing excesses of the holocaust, seem to have hardly any sensibility for the basic right of life of every human being from the moment of conception, let alone China, where abortion is being decreed by the state! In Europe, too, almost in every country, the life of the unborn is almost unprotected - in the Eastern region, because of the destructive consequences and effects of Soviet Communism, and in the West, due to the loss and weakening of a politic, which is in danger of losing moral orientation. According to the newest developments in European Parliament, a "right to abortion" shall even be installed.

Thereby this antichristian spirit succeeds in spreading his lies and turning a crime on innocent life into some kind of charitable act to assist women in their need. It corresponds to the intrigues of this spirit of lies to abandon mother, father and society afterwards and leave them to deal with the destructive effects of such acts. Consequently, Jesus calls this spirit "father of lies".

Homosexuality is supposed to be installed next to marriage as an equal form of living together, having the same rights. In some countries, all those who think differently, are now already facing penalties, and certainly even more so in the future, based on the law of "anti-discrimination", and "re-education programs" are already being taken into focus (England). The European Union possesses great financial power, which can be used - inside the Union, as well as in regard to states outside - to realize their own political ideas.

Increasingly, (the Christian) religion in particular has become the focus, and there are efforts and examples even today that religious symbols shall no longer be worn in public institutions, like for example the headscarf of a Muslim woman, the Kippa of a Jew or the Cross of a Christian. Some states are beginning more and more to enforce their "neutrality of values" at the expense of religious convictions, thereby mutating into some sort of secular religion. One should also not forget that the state can try to force its legislation upon dissenters by means of state authority.

Certainly we are not faced with such persecution as was taking place in the Third Reich or in the different Communist systems (where, in some cases, this is still the case today), but we should not deceive ourselves about the fact that the antichristian spirit is intensifying more and more. In the present phase of history, it still appears moderate in its aggression, but, if faith is being completely pushed out of public life and shifted into the private sphere, and religious values are being hollowed out with success, then religious values will remain less and less in people's consciousness and barely give orientation. Then, the next step will be to suspect religious confessions and convictions, which seemingly oppose democratic orientations, as actually being anti-democratic and to call them fundamentalistic set of beliefs, which, in turn, can provide justification to take action against believers and their convictions.

In the last few years, one can observe in Western Europe a transition from the indirect rejection of (the Christian) faith to a more active phase. Still relatively silent, but already effective, as shown by recent legislation. Countries like England, Sweden and the Netherlands, among others, are leading the way. The soft methods will most likely change, when people, who are true to their faith, will resist the common trend and offensively defend their values. Then, a "dictatorship of relativism" will openly show its potential of aggression that has been hidden up to now.


Existing resistance

The most fundamental resistance against antichristian tendencies comes from the faithful. The proclamation of the Gospel, together with an authentic life testimony, yields permanently the "Spirit of discernment" and opposes this ungodly spirit. Jesus says: "My sheep listen to My Voice."
The same is also true for believers of other religions, who feel obliged to their truths, trying hard to obey God's commandments, and extends to people, who perceive in their conscience, how a "spirit of lies" is spreading to deceive people.

When we look at the largest Christian community, the Roman-Catholic Church, we will find a clear teaching and all suitable spiritual means to consciously enter such a conflict. Nevertheless, the Church frequently appears weakened from the inside, unfortunately with increasing tendency. While one can rely on Pope Benedict XVI. and his faithful companions to not only recognize antichristian developments, but to oppose them within the Church as well as outside, one cannot state the same about the Episcopacy. There are also quite a few priests and lay people, who seem disoriented. Looking at the Church worldwide, the situation certainly varies, but especially in Europe and the US, as the most influential political powers, the Church does not seem to be strong enough spiritually to oppose the antichristian tendencies in a united and effective manner. There will have to be a "prophetic awakening"!

Looking at the evangelic Christians, the situation is even more difficult. There are so many voices in evangelical Christianity that visible resistance against such tendencies can hardly be detected. Mostly, it comes from the "evangelical camp" or from the one or other "free church", but despite various unification efforts, it remains a "small herd".

The Orthodox Church is certainly strong in her liturgy, which saved her through the Communist times, and also remains true to her teaching, but she does not so much share the missionary spirit of other Christians, remains "city on the hill", being less "sourdough of this world"! Certainly, valuable spiritual resistance is growing here, but the multitude of people must be brought into closer and deeper contact with God through the faithful proclamation of the Gospel, and therefore missionary efforts are also necessary.

Basically, it can be said that the antichristian spirit will not spare any religion, carrying truths of God in its bosom that are being proclaimed and realized, be it Jews, Muslims or other religions. Wherever this is taking place, resistance against the ungodly spirit can be found in varying intensity.

What can people do, who observe this development and are able to interpret it in the spirit of prophecy?


Balta Lelija

The initiative "Balta Lelija" (White Lily) wants to be open to all people, who feel obliged to obey and defend the commandments of God.
From the very beginning, it will have to articulate itself internationally, as it is not solely about a certain political-ideological system, originating locally and then spreading out, but it is a spirit, whose influence is felt worldwide, wanting to rob human beings of their deepest destiny to make them instruments of his own ideas! The most precious thing that one can try to take from a human being is his openness to God!

It will be the first and one of the most important tasks of "Balta Lelija" to specifically name antichristian tendencies, so that they can be identified and made transparent. There are quite a few people, who perceive the developments described or similar ones, and try to distance themselves, but many times they are alone and do not know how to oppose this general current.

Being a spiritual-prophetical initiative, Balta Lelija is carrying many possibilities of development in its bosom, which are neither all known at this time nor find mention in this text.

From the very beginning, this initiative is seen as a work inspired by the Spirit of God, and therefore it is dedicated to God, the Father of all human beings. The special closeness to Mary, the Mother of God, is already expressed in the name, and the patronage is entrusted to the Archangel Saint Michael and especially to Saint Joan of Arc.


Several prospects

a) Information

Hoping in God's guidance, the next task will be to make the goals of "Balta Lelija" more transparent and to give initial, more detailed, descriptions of the working of the antichristian spirit. Even though the focus is directed towards the resistance against these tendencies, there must not be any fixations, but the work of "Balta Lelija" must remain embedded in the whole of the Christian message.

b) Public aspect

Today, it is necessary to take responsibility, if governments are not able to protect their citizens or even promote moral decline with their laws. People need to raise their voices and clearly state that antichristian tendencies in legislation are directed against God and human beings, and therefore can neither claim a following nor speak authentically for a people.

c) Political aspect

Since future development remains open, it cannot be excluded that a branch of "Balta Lelija" will recognize the necessity of forming an international party at the given time.

d) Spiritual fundament

As one of the next steps, "Balta Lelija" will define a solid spiritual fundament, since, in its depth, this conflict is not about a "fight against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" (Ephesians 6.12). The political side must be formed by a conflict that knows to distinguish between human mistakes and evil transcendent forces. It is always important to try to win people by means of strong convictions and loving behavior and not to darken the own arguments by unpurified forms of behavior.

People may often be carriers of these antichristian tendencies, but fail to recognize them themselves as such! If they are lacking the fundament of faith, they will hardly be able to fully recognize the ungodliness and destructive power of this antichristian spirit. It shall be emphasized once again that antichristian tendencies will not spare the values of other religions and will also act against those in an hostile way.


First concrete steps

1) Website:

2) E-mail address:

International correspondence: English
Other languages: German, French, Spanish, Lithuanian,...

3) Translations into English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages are planned, whereby possible country-specific issues will be considered.

4) Prayer community for the support of the initiative

5) Regular information about the development of "Balta lelija" under

6) Interested Individuals are asked to please establish contact via e-mail (including name and short personal data) for more information or future cooperation.

7) "Balta Lelija" is spiritually part of the Jemaelwerk. Information can be found at


Last remarks

This document is a draft which will have some corrections and extensions.
Behind "Balta Lelija" there is neither a big organisation nor huge financial capacities. It is an "Initiative of Faith" and has its force and legitimation from this faith.
In which way "Balta Lelija" will grow and will be fruitful for the Kingdom of God we hand over to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
The writer of this document, Elija, is convinced that this initiative will please God, our Father, and that the time has come to act now. May all future steps will be accompanied by Mother Mary, as a real "Balta Lelija", that all will happen according to the will of God. Hopefully the misson of "Balta Lelija" will help us to understand deeper Gods infinitive Love. He might us give the strength and to resist in him those forces and developpements which are trying to desorientate and destroy the way of mankind. ... back

Responsible for this document

Elija, Communitas Agnus Dei and Jemael
Vilnius, Lithuania, May 30th, 2008



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